Why Businesses should consider a Central Data Warehouse for safe and secure custody storage of business critical documentation and files.

The secure storage, sharing and management of Documents for businesses can be a complex and demanding challenge, especially with the range of cloud document storage and file sharing software applications now available .

Businesses across the board tend to go through a period of indecision where they struggle with choices regarding the best online business document storage application they need to manage their expanding operations.

Document storage procedures and systems therefore must answer the real need to be secure, cost effective, simple to use and be accessible at anytime and anywhere. For businesses with multiple client locations who have complex operational and safety compliance procedures, and personnel who operate on-site with these clients, this can indeed be a real challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Central Data Warehouse

Every client and every job will have different procedures. Whilst undertaking onsite assignments businesses have to ensure their personnel have instant and efficient access to up-to-date client reference documents, so a resourceful and robust central data storage game plan is critical.

The 101 BUSINESS APPPLICATIONS suite of software includes the Business Document Storage Software – LIBRARY101 – a web based [cloud] storage Data Warehouse allowing businesses to store all their documents in one secure place, providing access to all authorised personnel anytime and anywhere.

“We use LIBRARY101 for centrally storing all the client assessments, policies and procedural documentation so we can access it from client sites.”
Nathan Cookson – Proprietor – Compliance Central

Simple and Easy to Use

LIBRARY101 is designed to be flexible, simple and straightforward – it’s a product that 101 clients actually use because data is available instantly no matter where they are and what time of day.

LIBRARY101’s simplicity is based on the same folder and file storage structure as a Desktop Computer. You can easily move files around, search, copy and remove files giving employees access to their company’s ‘central filing cabinet’ from their mobile devices no matter where they are.

“We have found LIBRARY101 very easy to use, it is simple and effective, and is clearly designed for anyone to be able to understand how to leverage what it has to offer, making it an effective part of our business operations.”
Arty Stokes – Proprietor – Stokes Mining Services

Industry-Leading Security – Your data never leaves Australia

As online storage technology continues to advance, companies can provision employees with the best tools while still securing confidential data.

LIBRARY101 is an encrypted web based ‘cloud’ software which simply means that all data is encrypted during transmission using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure [https], similar to that used by financial institutions, and then the data is stored at a corporate grade secure ‘vault’ location in the Brisbane CBD ensuring no unauthorised user accesses files. Adding further peace of mind and security is the knowledge that all data stored is protected, never leaving Australia, as LIBRARY101 is aligned with Australia data protection requirements detailed in the Australian Privacy Act (1988) and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

Cost Saving Benefits

Identifiable cost savings and productivity gains using LIBRARY101 cloud storage technology means businesses can negate the risk of lost or misplaced key business information, and more importantly do away with less secure or less accessible methods of document storage, like local computer hard drives, office paper filing systems, or email archives.

The LIBRARY101 business document storage solution allows companies to foster business expansion to multiple locations and improves efficiencies across the board with timely and accurate information.

LIBRARY101 is a subscription based application split between an Environment Licence monitored 24/7 with daily backups, data held at two Australian data centres for business continuity, business hours telephone support, 24/7 online support monitoring, and a Per Person Licence with access to your environment via desktop and mobile devices anywhere 24/7.

“We view LIBRARY101 as being a crucial part of our continued efficiency, growth and profitability.”
Arty Stokes – Proprietor – Stokes Mining Services

The arrival of LIBRARY101 has transformed how our clients conduct their business allowing for easier flow of information within their organisations and a virtual work environment. It seamlessly integrates with all of 101BUSINESS APPLICATIONS software – SAFE101 Operational Compliance, WORKFLOW101 Interactive Work Task Management and CUSTOMER101 Relationship Management Hub.

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