BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System

Our flagship software product BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System is an interactive suite of business tools to manage Operational Safety and Regulatory Compliance across all industries and business types, and is capable of providing users with a unique,real time view of compliance risk, issues and breaches – using any device with a fixed or mobile internet connection.

BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System can help your business run more efficiently, mitigate risk, and pro-actively manage compliance, as well as assist with aligning your business with key ISO and AS Standards.

BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System determines if your Workplaces are safe and compliant, your Equipment is safe and compliant, and your People are safe and compliant.


Reduce Operational and Safety Related Incidents in your Workplace

ISO Accreditation through Flexible Functionality

Integration of compliance modules and providing rich functionality means BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System is versatile enough to be leveraged not only as an integral part of an Operation Safety Management system (AS4801), but also to allow users to work towards achieving a number of key ISO Standard accreditations, including Quality Management (ISO g001), Risk Management (ISO 31000) and Environment Management (ISO 14001).

Gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Link Compliance Requirements together

Linking all compliance requirements together in BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System for key resources across each business like Workplaces, Equipment and People, creates powerful data associations and combined views between them.

These centrally stored associations allow for functionality to be offered which can tie compliance conditions together, empower users with many different ways to view and report compliance over the whole business


  • Accurately evaluate operational and safety compliance status of your entire business: instantaneously—on-demand, anywhere, anytime.
  • Compatible with mine site requirements.
  • Management information using tailored reporting to run your business more efficiently — streamline your safety management and avoid inaccurate or out-dated information.
  • Understand if your business meets the needs of prospective clients/customers — easily check your compliance profile against your client’s own compliance requirements
  • Customer relationship management—capture key customer information in a central and accessible location.
  • Compliance checks for any date in the past, present or future.
  • Cost savings—save money by managing compliance efficiently without the need to employ personnel to update spreadsheets, chase information, email and fax, or try to ‘figure out’ your compliance status—protect downside risk of non-compliance.
  • Productivity gains achieved through effective and efficient compliance management —be pro-active and reduce downtime.
  • Asset/resource inventories and equipment tracking—all in one place..
  • All required documentation to manage your work safely!
  • Functionality can be leveraged for human resource management purposes.
  • Capability to leverage analysis for reliability engineering – know and actively manage your business resources.
  • Keep up with the changes in operational, regulatory and safety requirements by applying a change once – across your entire business.
  • Easy, simple and intuitive to use – only a mobile or fixed internet connection using any connectable device is required.