LIBRARY101 is an encrypted web based ‘cloud’ solution that is a Secure Online Documentation and File Storage service for your business – accessible anywhere and at any time.

Library101 workflow

LIBRARY101 stores key company documentation and files in a secure ‘vault’ location, offering a low risk strategy for those businesses needing to keep important documents in a safe and easily retrievable central location.

Documents can also be seamlessly linked to BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System compliance functions and WORKFLOW101 task activity if required, or alternatively LIBRARY101 can also be used independently as a stand-alone business solution.


Safe Custody in a Central Location of Important and Sensitive Documents

Aligned with Australian Data Protection Requirements

LIBRARY101 allows you to store information that is aligned with Australian data protection requirements detailed in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

We utilise Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure (HTTPS) methods to transfer data which are similar to that used by financial institutions and then store that data at a corporate grade Data Centre in the Brisbane CBD. Your information never leaves Australia.

Same Flexibility as your Desktop Computer Systems

LIBRARY101 provides users with the ability to store files in folder structures, move files around, search, copy and remove files. LIBRARY101 also naturally allows integration of stored documentary evidence that may be required to support compliance and safety analysis for BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System users, complete with an audit trail. It also allows uses to attach documentation relating to task activity in WORKFLOW101, making it a valuable addition to the software suite for wider and almost limitless business application


  • Safe and secure custody storage of important business documents and files.
  • Provides a robust business continuity strategy for your business — a convenient and cost effective disaster recovery solution.
  • Central storage location — your documents are in one place and only one version
  • Access documentation anywhere, anytime – all you need is a mobile or fixed internet connection using any connectable device.
  • Your privacy is protected and never leaves Australia staying aligned to Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.
  • Easy access to your policies, procedures (e.g. SWMS, SOP and SWP) as well as forms, acquired competencies and registers.
  • Identifiable cost savings and productivity gains