WORKFLOW101 is a web based software module that communicates and maintains work management tasks throughout your business. Flexible functionality allows work tasks to be created, assigned, acknowledged and tracked.

Workflow101 Workflow

WORKFLOW101 includes a proactive notification process to help alert users to changes in work tasks and can be easily integrated with all our other products. Group your work activity into client projects, discrete work initiatives, or simply use it to manage your business as usual.

Take Out all the ‘Guess Work’

Flexibility to Group, Manage and Track Work Tasks

WORKFLOW101 is a web based software application that gives the user the flexibility to group, manage and track work tasks for your business.

This allows work activity to be centralised and visibly tracked, with alerts and task acknowledgements that can be tied back into your compliance management needs, or simplified to help the general day to day business operations

Enhances the power of BUSINESS SAFE 101

WORKFLOW101 can leverage the compliance analysis offered within the BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System product and provide smart workflow based functionality to users, allowing for event or condition based alerts and notifications to be sent. Users can select rules for the system to generate alerts and notifications purely for work task management purposes, as well as compliance needs. Users may also action required acknowledgements or approvals


  • Efficiently manage all your work task activity centrally, anywhere, anytime.
  • Capture work progress, tasks status, ownership, acknowledgement and work completion.
  • Track or view the entire work activity life cycle from initiation to completion.
  • Group work tasks into projects or discrete bodies of work — link tasks together and create dependencies.
  • Tailor work activity flow to your own business needs by leveraging the user defined process.
  • Retain easily retrievable audit trail of work activity and work task acknowledgement —know who did what and when.
  • Assign accountability back to individual resources — can easily set up workflows to require personnel to ‘sign off’ or update tasks, acknowledging specific actions have been executed (e.g. safety policy acknowledgement or fit for purpose declaration).
  • Notifications can be tailored so that personnel can receive work alerts via email or sms — especially useful for personnel in the field.
  • System alerts can be generated to escalate overdue work tasks to managers, or to remind personnel of daily open tasks.
  • Set task order and priority, making task allocation clear to personnel and saving time for management personnel.
  • Link documentation or files to work task activity.
  • Plan work task allocation ahead of time using effective date criteria and set deadlines.
  • Integrates seamlessly with SAFE101 and LIBRARY101 products.
  • Web based and easy to use.