BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System is a corporate grade “cloud solution” available at an affordable price.

BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management system comprises LIBRARY 101, PEOPLE 101, EQUIPMENT 101, WORKPLACE 101, WORKFLOW 101, RISK 101, EVENT 101, CUSTOMER 101, SUPPLIER 101 and REPORT 101.

Pricing is determined by your business requirements for data capture, storage, accessibility and functionality. The subscription model includes Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS, often referred to as “cloud”) and is split between an environment licence and person licence for user access.


The monthly environment licence subscription:

  • includes continual upgrades to keep your business current and working to its optimum
  • automatic environment performance monitoring 24 hours a day – 7 days a week
  • provides daily backups
  • securely holds your business critical data at two Australian data centres for business continuity ( aligned with Data Privacy Act )
  • provides business hours telephone support
  • provides online support and monitoring 24 hours a day – 7 days a week
  • prices start at $ 425

The monthly person licence subscription:

  • access to your environment via desktop and mobile devices anywhere, anytime (device agnostic)
  • maximum price $ 5


Three editions of BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System are available to suit distinct Customer requirements, resulting in a stronger position to seize future opportunities through having better visibility and control of your business not only through the software itself but also the business innovation it stimulates.

ESSENTIALSBUSINESS SAFE 101 ESSENTIALS is the perfect entry level edition most popularly used to manage the activites of small and medium enterprises who want to optimise organisation performance.

PROFESSIONAL – Used by our Customers for more complex, inter-related operations and multiple activities . With added flexibility of configurable smart eForms BUSINESS SAFE 101 PROFESSIONAL edition is perfect for project optimisation, managing industry relationships and managing large complex projects.

ENTERPRISE – Corporations prefer this edition as our highly skilled Technical Team within Professional Services work with you to tailor not only the functionality but the user interface. BUSINESS SAFE 101 ENTERPRISE edition is used for multiple activities with enhanced functionality. Perfect for business community optimisation, BUSINESS SAFE 101 ENTERPRISE edition can be used for Supply Network Management and Contractor Management.

  • Business

    • Entry Level
    • Activity Management for Small and Medium Enterprises
    • Simple / Stand alone
    • Fixed
    • Organisation optimisation
    • Eg: *Trades *Hotels *Schools
  • Collaboration

    • Configurable forms
    • Multiple Activity
    • Complex / Inter-related
    • Flexible
    • Project optimisation
    • Eg: *Industry relationships
      *Project Manager
  • Corporations

    • Tailored interface
    • Effectively manage multiple activities with ease
    • Top down
    • Enhanced functionality
    • Business Community optimisation
    • Eg: *Supply Network & Contractor Management
  • 101 Business Applications Partner

    • Preloaded “smarts”
    • Industry / Activity enhanced
    • Professional Service Supported
    • Sector Specific
    • Client outcome optimisation
    • Eg: *Business Consultancy *Registered Training Organisation