Operational Safety and Regulatory Compliance Software

Makes Your People Safe… Makes Your Equipment Safe… Makes Compliance Easy… Saves You Money… Makes Your Business Safe.

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to understand the significance of using operational safety and regulatory compliance software in their day to day operations.

Execution of safety and regulatory compliance has come a long way and moved well beyond the time consuming and costly tick and flick spreadsheet. When it comes to business compliance, taking advantage of opportunities offered by online technology is critical for business in both short and long term business goals.

Rational decision making holds that a business should strive to avoid unnecessary costs therefore proactive risk management across the board plays a crucial role in saving a company time, money and resources.

101 Business Applications’ Safety and Regulatory Compliance Software, SAFE101 a powerful and user friendly web based compliance software solution, makes compliance easy. SAFE101 not only ensures safety and compliance for your workplaces, your equipment and your people, it saves you money protecting the overall financial health of your organisation – making your business safe.

Software such as SAFE 101 allows a business to harvest the ‘low hanging fruits’ when it comes to operational safety and regulatory compliance:

  • eliminating laborious administrative tasks, role duplication, downtime and delays in work tasks and workflow.
  • Information management – tailored reporting and avoiding inaccurate or out-dated information.
  • reputation management – boosting and upholding trust and confidence with your clients, regulatory bodies and employees.

The value of compliance and regulatory software cannot be underestimated as a ‘tool for business performance’. Businesses who use SAFE 101 see it not as a luxury but rather an indispensable necessity for the overall performance of their business.

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