SOURCE: | Reported by Michael | 10:48am, Monday 30 June, 2014
Safety breaches relating to dangerous goods transport have cost the Western Australian transport company a total of $31,000 in court fines.

The transport company pleaded guilty to 14 dangerous goods offences after failing to pass dangerous goods inspections in five different occasions between February and May last year.

Traffic police stopped and inspected Western Australian trucks in Wubin, Karratha, Bindoon and Northam.
The company was found to have violated several federal safety laws which include incorrect placarding, inadequate safety equipment and no transport documentation.

The Northam Court Magistrate described the charges relating to the traffic stop in Northam on 15 February as the most serious due to the chlorine gas contained in the load.

“(The) load was not placarded… there were no transport documents able to be provided to police who inspected the load and particular specialised equipment required to be carried because of the gas… was not being carried,” Magistrate Zempilas said.

“(The offence) obviously put not just the driver but other people in some danger should there be some particular incident with that load.”

DMP Dangerous Goods Director Philip Hine said transport companies have a responsibility to ensure dangerous goods are transported safely.

“This enforcement should send a strong message to dangerous goods transport companies that, for the safety of all concerned, regulations must be followed at all times,” he said.

“Those who disregard dangerous goods transport regulations not only put their own lives in danger but also that of other road users and emergency response personnel.”

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