Stokes Mining


[vc_testimonial_3 title=”Arty Stokes” position=”- Proprietor”]101 Business Applications has made a product that is easy and intuitive enough for ‘grass roots’ business people to use.[/vc_testimonial_3]



Stokes Mining Services is a Central Queensland based company providing high-level secondment for the resource sector, assisting projects with qualified short, as well as long term staffing options in a number of key areas. Stokes Mining Services has worked for major mining and industrial clients throughout the Bowen and Surat Basins.


At the core of Stokes Mining Services is the need to place personnel on work assignments at multiple client locations, sometimes long term. Each client site has specific operational and safety compliance policies that need to be strictly adhered to, so safety is top priority for Stokes Mining Services at all times.

We work with all clients to thoroughly understand their site-specific procedures to ensure that both our staff and our clients can operate in a safe working environment. We pride ourselves on an impeccable safety record, with zero lost time injuries since our operations began. Stokes Mining Services also adhere to all environmental policies on the sites where we are required to work, and we are constantly aiming towards all Australian and International safety standards. We provide regular staff training and have an open door policy for all staff to ensure their work is consistently high quality and outcome driven. A key business motto for us is “Safety + Attitude = Production”.

One of the largest challenges for Stokes Mining Services is to ensure that personnel are compliant with the latest policies, and also have access to reference documents before starting an assignment, as well as during the assignment on an ongoing basis. There is a large amount of documentation that needs to be shared, and it is vital that staff have fast and efficient access to the right version of the documentation too. Staff tend to be spread across the client base at different geographic locations, so a smart central communication strategy is integral to success.


The LIBRARY101 service allows our business to achieve this, enabling our staff to easily retrieve key documents when they are onsite, or if they are travelling between sites. Our staff no longer need to worry about referencing the correct version of documentation, they don’t have to wait for information to be emailed to them, or waste time trying to call somebody at head office in order to request the information either. LIBRARY101 essentially provides us a virtual office platform that is flexible and extendable to meet our needs for document and file management.

We have found LIBRARY101 very easy to use, it is simple and effective, and is clearly designed for anyone to be able to understand how to leverage what it has to offer, making it an effective part of our business operations.