What is Innovation for your Business

What, Why, When, How and Impact

Richard Chappell, 101 Business Application’s Chief Operating Officer, represented industry when he spoke at the Advance Queensland Regional Forum in Rockhampton last month to talk about building businesses that will create jobs for the future in the CQ region, with specific emphasis on Innovation for your business.

WHAT is Innovation?

The dictionary definition is quite simple “Bring in something new”. Easy then, but the question is what is Innovation for your business?

We are told to be disruptive

Disruptive technologies
Disruptive Creativity
Disruptive Behaviours

101 believes in the

disruption of established ways of value creation
disruption of social interactions , and
disruption of traditional ways of doing business

So is the answer to the question – What is Innovation for your business – is it digital or digital disruption?

Digital Disruption
In his first statement as Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged Australians to embrace disruption.

Turnbull said,

“The Australia of the future has to be a nation that is agile, that is innovative, that is creative. We can’t be defensive, we can’t future-proof ourselves.”

“We have to recognise that the disruption that we see driven by technology, the volatility in change is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it. The volatility of Change is our friend”

Therefore is the answer Change?

Damn right! Absolutely Yes! Bring in something new to change the future.

Volatility of change is what will drive businesses like yours into the future – and if we are innovative – change will place us firmly at the centre of our future.

Our businesses should be the catalyst for positive change.

WHY Innovate?

Standard answer is “for the purpose of adding value to your customers”. Has your business success been based on default rather than design?

101 believes in innovation by Differentiation. Differentiation allows your customers

  • to find you
  • It provides the reason for your customers to engage with you
  • and to maintain and build on that engagement

WHEN to Innovate?

when to innovate

There is a perception from outside our region that we currently have a general feeling of negativity in regard to business development and an expectation that there should be a silver bullet solution.

We know there is no silver bullet. We know we need to Embrace change, Embrace innovation.

HOW to Innovate?

So, if we know what, why and when to innovate – we should be looking at how.

As mentioned, 101 believes in Innovation by Differentiation. So the question is how do you differentiate your business from your competition.

What gives you the edge? How do you make a difference to your customers? The process is:

  • Great Ideas
  • Invest in the future and your people
  • Attitude
  • Action – Just do it!

IMPACT of Innovation

101 Learnings as a new business we have labelled “THE 101 INNOVATION SNOWBALL EFFECT”. 101 Business Applications’ customers are innovative – they are changing the way their customers are doing business – the benefits are multiplied.

We have been working with our customers to design ways for them to add value to THEIR customers. That is their point of differentiation.

Start with the end in mind

Think about your Customers’ Customers and innovate your business by differentiation for their sake and yours.

Minister for Science and Innovation at the Advance Queensland Rockhampton Regional Forum – The Morning Bulletin, 21 October 2015

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Richard Chappell, Chief Operating Officer for 101 Business Applications with The Hon Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Science and Innovation at the Advance Queensland Regional Forum in Rockhampton.

Richard Chappel and Leeanne Enoch

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