Document storage for mobile businesses

Working efficiently while on the move!

Imagine having all your important and necessary business documentation and details on your next job available wherever you are!

When your customer asks for proof of insurances, licences, qualifications, examples of previous work you have it on hand. Or, when trying to submit a tender or quote you will be able to find all the information you need.

You may have a laptop, but if it was stolen or the hard drive died would you still be able to manage your business without disruption? 101 Business Applications has the solution. Log in on any device anywhere there is internet connection, and there is your document storage system.

We have built an application that keeps all documentation on people, equipment and your workplace available at all times. Qualifications, licences, service reports and certificates on equipment, along with procedures and risk assessments, all at your fingertips.

Document Storage & Record Control

LIBRARY 101 has full document control capability. You can store and preserve, provide access, and organise your documents. The brilliant thing about LIBRARY 101 is it can be available to you anywhere and anytime. You can even provide controlled access to your Customers if you choose to. The right document at the right time !!

Sending jobs to workers in the field

An integral component of the SAFE 101 Business Management System is WORKFLOW 101.

WORKFLOW 101 allows you to send new jobs to your workers while they are away from the office. Using a tablet or smart phone, workers can be updated with new jobs and sign-off completed jobs.

Managing Licence and training requirements

Managing the currency of your workers licensing and training can be a drain on your administrative resources. Simple functionality in SAFE 101 Business Management System allows you to define the requirements for different customers and work activities, then at a glance you can see your compliance against these requirements. You can ensure that you only assign workers to a task they are trained, licensed and competent to undertake. Notifications of qualification expiry are set by you to ensure an alert is raised and email notification sent to the person you assign to manage the refreshers required.

Stop relying on your memory

SAFE 101 Business Management System provides functionality to make sure core requirements of your business like insurance, equipment servicing, contract renewals are never forgotten. They can be entered into the system and a reminder will be sent based on the warning notice you set. Our Customers tell us this removes stress from managing and maintaining their business.

We are confident if you are a mobile business we can help you become more efficient and improve your document storage and overall business management!

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