[vc_testimonial_3 title=”Justin Roth ” position=” – Proprietor”]For us safety compliance on the job is a complex business problem, which 101 Business Applications makes simple with SAFE101.[/vc_testimonial_3]




Roth Plumbing is a prominent Plumbing and Roofing construction and maintenance firm based in Central Queensland. Roth Plumbing specialises in servicing the resource, industrial and commercial sectors.


One of the major challenges Roth Plumbing faces is being able to account for the location, details and compliance status of work equipment used on the job.


SAFE101 has simplified and streamlined our ability to keep a comprehensive and up to date inventory of equipment, and most importantly track the use of the equipment from a compliance perspective. The convenience of being able to access this information from any location has also proved highly valuable.

Apart from tailored ‘active’ compliance management for our business, the SAFE101 functionality, as well as LIBRARY101, WORKFLOW101 and CUSTOMER101 modules, all provide a breadth of coverage to allow a ‘one stop shop’ of operational tools for our business.

A key benefit for Roth Plumbing has meant we no longer use paper forms for equipment Pre-Starts as the 101 BUSINESS APPLICATIONS software suite allows our personnel in the field to access client specific equipment Pre-Start procedures and to complete all Pre-Start forms online. This gives Head Office complete visibility of what is going on out in the field, all in real time.

In addition, the central storage of a single source of crucial business documentation is invaluable,particularly when it comes to hazardous workplaces and substance management. We even use the ‘People’ module in SAFE101 for our own Human Resource Management purposes, given the information is already there and being actively updated and managed.

Roth Plumbing sees SAFE101 and related tools as a core operations management solution that goes way beyond simple compliance management.