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Shanahan Survey Services is a Queensland based company providing specialist surveying services to a number of industries, including Rail Network, Coal Mining and Commercial Construction.


Shanahan Survey Services has a business that requires personnel to work at a number of different client locations, all of which also require their own specific operational and safety compliance policies adhered to. The largest challenge is to ensure that personnel are not only compliant before starting onsite, but also to ensure they remain compliant for the duration of each assignment.


SAFE101  has been able to provide a central integrated tool for Shanahan Survey Services to pro-actively manage this challenge, and in particular provide vital ‘Contractor Management’ information required by both Mine sites and Queensland Rail at a touch of a button.

Most importantly, the information is accurate – providing piece of mind to our business and our clients. The system is able to identify compliance issues before personnel are sent to a job, as well as alert managers to compliance breaches that may be at risk of occurring (eg: equipment safety certificate about to expire).

Another fundamental element to our business is the use of surveying documentation, as we not only have high demand to need to access reference documents, but we also produce a large amount of documentation as part of our services. Being able to tie the LIBRARY101 service to our SAFE101 activity means our personnel can easily retrieve key documents onsite, or on the move, without having to email them, or at worst find email archived documents and try to determine if they are the correct version.

Using Workflow101 combined with all the other functionality means we can manage all our activity on client locations effectively from head office. Communication with personnel onsite has become highly efficient. In addition, we have leveraged the system to manage risk – implementing a Risk Register, risk assessment and demonstrable controls, all of which contributes to an improvement in the way we run our business operations.