[vc_testimonial_3 title=”Boyd McDonald ” position=” – Proprietor”]Using SAFE101, I was able to achieve ISO 9001 in just a few weeks, which is crucial to my business strategy and conducting business in my market.[/vc_testimonial_3]



Datalek Systems and Electrical is a leading fibre optic and electrical systems integrator providing solutions, installation completions and plant and equipment maintenance to a broad cross section of industry sectors including:

  • Surface and Underground Mining,
  • GLNG Projects, Correctional facilities,
  • Military installations,
  • Hospitals, Schools and Commercial installations


Datalek Systems and Electrical (Datalek) prides itself on strong compliance with required Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures that are implemented throughout the company and applied to all of their client work sites.

Our key goal is to maintain zero ‘work harm’ across the company.


SAFE101 is central to this strategy, allowing a pro-active and central platform to manage safety and operational compliance. Given a large amount of work activity is out in the field, it is highly valuable and efficient to be able to access SAFE101 from any location, as well as supporting reference documentation like policies – which all contributes to productivity gains.

Without using SAFE101 the risk of compliance breach or failure is considerably higher, more labour intensive, and a less robust business approach.

A key business achievement, crucial to Datalek’s competitive advantage, as well as engagement with clients in their market, is the move to ISO 9001 standard certification. SAFE101 offers Datalek an integrated management solution to not only achieve ISO 9001 standards, but is also core to being able to maintain ISO certification and pass all related audits on an ongoing basis.

From a day-to-day usage perspective Datalek’s personnel embraced SAFE101LIBRARY101, WORKFLOW101 and CUSTOMER101’s rich functionality from the outset, with the application suite constantly being leveraged for more and more valuable business purposes, including Customer Relationship Management, and also Management and Tracking of Work Task Activity across personnel situated at multiple work locations across Queensland. All the previous management headaches associated with multiple jobs, multiple people and multiple locations are alleviated using the SAFE101 toolset, allowing Datalek to focus more energy on completing work assignments and promoting business growth.

Datalek considers the SAFE101 toolset as a vital part of their business operations.