[vc_testimonial_3 title=”Nathan Cookson” position=” – Proprietor”]When it comes to operational and safety compliance, you can’t afford to not use 101 Business Applications technology, it manages safety in a new and intuitive way. I have never seen anything like it.[/vc_testimonial_3]



Compliance Central is an independent supplier of Workplace Safety Services and Consulting in the Central Queensland area. Compliance Central provides highly specialised expertise to clients across multiple industries and sectors, providing a myriad of related services, including safety assessments, safety office rehabilitation, evaluation of safety systems, as well as policies and documentation related to safety compliance.Given the location of the business, the key client base is the Coal Mining and Gas industry, including the full spectrum of mining supplier and contract businesses.


Compliance Central’s core business is Safety Compliance. We supply advice and assess each client’s approach and status relating to safety management in the workplace. Part of the key services we provide includes the recommendation of systems and management procedures to address gaps or improve shortcomings in our client’s safety management practices.

Before our exposure to  SAFE101, the variety of options available to us to recommend was very limited, and still carried inherent risk and inefficiency from an operational perspective. We originally evaluated  SAFE101 as a technology solution that we could potentially include in the aforementioned client recommendations, however once we realised the power and flexibility of the system we moved immediately to adopt  SAFE101 and the supporting suite of tools for our own business.


SAFE101 manages the full breadth and depth of operational and safety compliance requirements that we see from our client base, and it more than meets the operational needs of Compliance Central too.

The application feels ‘modern’, simple and intuitive to use – and in all the years of experience within our business practice we have never seen anything quite like it. From our professional perspectives it completely revolutionises safety management, taking a complex business challenge and making it simple to manage. Using  SAFE101 removes the ‘scare factor’ making it easy and cost effective to be safe and compliant, which is at the very heart of most of our client needs.

Compliance Central uses SAFE101 for our own safety compliance, given the need to attend many client sites which demand their own compliance standards. We use LIBRARY101 for centrally storing all the client assessments, policies and procedural documentation so we can access it from client sites, and we have implemented the use of Workflow101 to discretely manage work activity on client projects and engagements where deadlines and deliverables need to be tracked.

Compliance Central not only recommends  SAFE101, but also practices what we preach by adopting it for our own business operations too.