Our Customers are drawn from a wide range of industries, illustrating the intrinsic value of BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System. The software is flexible and moulds to individual Customer’s requirements, can be used for specific activities or as a fully integrated management system that drives business performance optimisation.

Whether an Individual Business, Collaboration, Corporation or one of our carefully selected PLATFORM 101 Partners, our Customers are supported by an edition most suited to their situation, with the additional confidence that BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System will support their ever increasing needs.

Affordable and easy to use, our Customers are not only extending their use of this powerful and flexible system within their own organisations but are recommending BUSINESS SAFE 101 to others resulting in an ever increasing PLATFORM 101 User Community.

See BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System in action – a sample of some of the great companies and the challenging projects we have worked with.

Business Management Solutions

BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System is a powerful solution – because we have first taken the time to understand your business needs. YOU the Customer drives the software – NOT vice versa. Designed and built by industry experts, to change the thinking and improve the effectiveness of their customers’ customers, BUSINESS SAFE 101 enables our Customers to seize the opportunities of the future, not just through the software but through the business logic it stimulates.

PLATFORM 101 Business Applications, our Leadership, Technical and Professional Services teams and our PLATFORM 101 Partners have keen understanding of the importance of providing forward thinking, practical solutions and commercial benefits through our products and services.

Continuous improvement, innovation and strategic thinking are at the heart of our mandate.

Professional Services

PLATFORM 101 Professional Services are carefully selected to provide a holistic approach to business support, with our software at its heart. We recognise that BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System is only as effective as the information and business logic that it hosts, therefore we have brought together subject matter experts and organisations who complement our software to work with you to optimise outcomes. Our Customers trust that we provide only the best support and we build long term beneficial relationships based on that trust.

We assist on a transparent fee per service basis with business improvement, training and accreditation and effective implementation and application of not only the software, but the business culture, operations, processes and business model to optimise outcomes.

PLATFORM 101 Professional Services comprises our Technical Team, Subject Matter Experts and PLATFORM 101 Partners.


PLATFORM 101 Leadership Team have a clear vision : to contribute to our Customers’ success by providing powerful, practical, easy to use corporate grade software at an affordable price.

We have amalgamated valuable experience across Telecommunications, Government, Finance (funds management, investment banking, treasury /central banking), Utilities, Construction (including process control and building management systems), Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals, Heavy engineering and Defence industries and have distilled this into a fully integrated management system that drives a range of business activities.

Whether a Business, Collaboration or complex Business Community, Corporation or one of PLATFORM 101’s carefully selected Partner Organisations the leadership team appreciate your business challenges and opportunities and have incorporated best practice from across four continents into this innovative software.

Privileged to have been employed at senior level with employers including British Telecom, Ford Motor Company, Queensland Investment Corporation, Origin Energy, BMA and Rio Tinto to mention a few, the leadership team transitioned from being intrapreneurs in the Corporate world to entrepreneurs in PLATFORM 101 Business Applications

About 101 Business Applications in the media

Our Customers and Industry present challenges and opportunities that fascinate, drive and inspire us.

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101 User Community

The purpose of the PLATFORM 101 User Community is to drive powerful advantage by optimising outcomes through sharing and learning from each other’s experience.

Innovation and collaboration are intimately linked and we recognise that the best companies draw from successes greater than their own. Innovation, particularly radical innovation, happens when connecting previously unconnected bodies of knowledge and new fresh connections.


Having matured BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System with thorough and successful research and development, PLATFORM 101 Business Applications proffers high growth potential, holds significant intellectual property (IP), a market leadership position and a strong management team.

Why not invest in the future of BUSINESS SAFE 101 Management System, our Customers think the returns are immeasurable!

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Building a Professional Services network to create a comprehensive support mechanism for our BUSINESS SAFE 101 Customers across all the important aspects of business operation is an ongoing journey and one that our Leadership team are fully committed to.

If your organisation can add value to our service provision whether due to geographical advantage, specific industry technical knowledge or existing Customer relationships and you can operate within our paradigm and remain true to our values then we are keen to talk to you.

We believe in mutually beneficial long term relationships incorporating our Customers, our Partners and PLATFORM 101 Business Applications.