Business and Data integrity

Are you in full control of your business data?
Are you getting what you need from your business data?
Where is your data kept?
Is it secure?
Who has access?
How is it used?
Is it accessible 24/7?
Does your software shape your business?
Is it time your business shaped your software?

There is an unprecedented worldwide groundswell against global unknown control and misuse of bigdata.

There is a vote of no confidence in the existing approach and systems.

We deplore the lack of respect for private data, how it is used and who gets to see it.

We disapprove of their business models with their hidden income streams derived from on-selling of data and unsolicited advertising.

101 Business Group are experiencing demand for high quality, proven technology as business seeks to replace and upgrade compromised systems.

PLATFORM 101 puts the control back in your hands.

101 Business Group and PLATFORM 101. The difference.

Trustworthiness and Integrity

A quick internet search highlights the other platforms, whether utility, interaction, marketplaces, on-demand services, content crowdsourcing, data-harvesting or content distribution platforms, will reveal how these are open platforms, shared and accessed by millions, invariably with income streams from the data they collect from you. These are one platform for the whole world. Is this really the right platform for your valuable business data and communications?

These existing offerings as a platform for your business are not orientated for your business but a platform for the provider to make money from your data.

Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems are arguably the only platforms for a business as this is how they are being labelled and marketed nowadays. However they have a large price tag and are purely based around general ledger, accounts payable and receivable principals. Business platforms designed by accountants for accountants. See the problem. The world has changed. Thriving business is now based on accountable communications and adherence to compliance.

Our Business engine is based on communications and compliance.

Our Business model is purely subscription based income stream and transparent (no income from on-selling or adverts as happens on many of the others).

PLATFORM 101 provides a single business data engine. A safe, secure, stable and dedicated environment to hold your data. A platform, under YOUR CONTROL, brings trust to your workforce and your customers.

The existing compromised offerings must be replaced with robust and proven systems that pay due respect to essential data privacy and integrity. PLATFORM 101 enables this. The cumulated smarts from our technical and leadership teams serve our Clients well, giving confidence that their apps, driven by the V8 engine firmly establish and maintains data privacy and integrity. We are fully aligned with the world’s best practice in data privacy namely GDPR.


Our technical competency is proven with PLATFORM 101 – a mature business data engine, already used across Mining, Telecommunications, Construction, Education, Labour hire and Trades for a number of years.

Our business experience comes from cumulated experience from four continents over the past forty years, from blue-chip organisations as well as serving SMEs in the supply chains. We work alongside our Clients, partnering with them to leverage value from our combined knowledge, industry insight and capability.

What issues can PLATFORM 101, the worlds first business data engine designed around compliance and communication enable you to address for your Clients?

  • Business Operations and performance
  • HSEQ
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Incident and Non-conformance Management
  • Innovation and Collaboration
  • Contractor Management
  • Accreditation and Prequalification
  • Education, Training, Competency and Continual Professional Development
  • Document Control and Management
  • Business Continuity

Our Engine, Your Body

Each of our Clients is unique. We approach each engagement as a partnership to deliver the best possible outcomes. Whether you are the Developer of the App that will be driven by the PLATFORM 101 business data engine or a Business or individual with a functional requirement, we focus on you.

You define how you run your business

You define the body to wrap around your Engine

PLATFORM 101 is configured to suit your choice of vehicle – whether an SUV or a 4WD. Use our V8 engine and strap on the body of your choice .

Your Language

Your Culture

Your Functionality

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