At 101 Business Group we believe that each engagement is a partnership.

Built on a thorough understanding of your requirements we use the world’s first business data engine PLATFORM 101, technical experience and innovative business thinking as ingredients to deliver the best possible outcome.

So how do our engagements work in practice?

The problem:

Outdated legacy systems

Business can be complex, with operations that have grown and evolved over time. Changing market conditions, Stakeholder demands and changing opportunities leave the legacy of outdated systems that remain longer than the conditions which they were designed to serve in. They become part of the organisation structure itself and in fact are difficult to remove or even change.

Software silos

The “temporary” systems invariably operate in isolation, in “silos” or are manipulated through software architecture to “patch” a workable solution. They emerge to plug a hole but remain long past their use by date, are embedded and eventually shape the business structure and activities rather than serve them.

Inadequate and inappropriate tools

Even blue-chip, industry leading organisations utilise spreadsheets to manage important if not critical business data resulting in risk of errors, duplication and eventual failures.

Need for change

Perhaps your challenge, as a pioneering Change Ambassador in your world is that you recognise the need for a more intelligent way to deal with an old problem. You may be facing a brand new challenge that demands a clear pathway, mitigating risk with a new approach or a challenge to streamline the multiple temporary and outdated systems that have grown over the years. Recognising the need for change and what to do is only the first step. Knowing how to bring about the change is the most challenging part.

The solution:

At 101 Business Group we believe the business should drive the databases and tools, not vice versa.

Our engineering for success is to use PLATFORM 101 to develop an enduring, stable, comprehensive data management solution that is flexible enough to grow with the business, and unlike other generic platforms, is a single repository for ALL business critical information.

It becomes the business data engine that powers effective business operations.

Working with 101 Business Group enables you to tap into years of cumulated knowledge and expertise to design a solution that will counter the objections of anybody resistant to change by demonstrating a tried, tested and proven V8 Engine able to drive the changes you desire.

PLATFORM 101 is the foundation for your business.

Step 1 – Invest

Invest in PLATFORM 101. The foundation for your business, from which to leverage full value from your business data.

Step 2 – Secure

Secure your business critical information, processes and documents on the cloud in your own private safe.

Step 3 – Configure

Configure the content with Your Language, Your Culture and Your Functionality.

Step 4 – Build

Build on PLATFORM 101 by integrating new or existing systems. Powerful data retrieval with clearly defined data relationships.

The problem:

Customer resistance to change

Your Customer wants world class software to solve their unique situation but are resistant to changing their legacy systems and expect a solution to be patched to incorporate legacy systems.

High costs

The largest cost to build an effective App is the database, but your Customer is more interested in the UX of the App, than the behind the scenes machinery.

Data source duplication and contradiction

Much of your Customer’s data is available from “silo databases” and there is duplication and contradiction of source.
Data management across multiple sources is the biggest cost and prohibitor for a successful software outcome.

The solution:


Utilising PLATFORM 101 makes your work cost effective and stable.

Why reinvent the wheel when we already have a tried, tested and proven database from which you can develop your Customer solution?

The fact that the data is housed on a dedicated environment, with full control by you gives you full transparency and answers the concerns of any Shareholders or Stakeholders.

About PLATFORM 101

The technical parts

  • ANSI SQL supported database structure
  • Application server Java
  • Administrator console web client HTML5 and Javascript
  • Service-oriented architecture ( SOA )
  • Cloud based
  • Multi tier architecture
  • JSON Web API access
  • HTTPS security encryption

PLATFORM 101. Powering Business. Driving Value.

PLATFORM 101 supports your business needs for People, Equipment, Workplaces, Documents, Customers, Suppliers and Workflow.

It puts the design control back into the hands of the developer, giving you the opportunity to derive maximum value from the data of significance from your Customer’s business. It massively de-risks your project.

When your Customer demands reliable, secure, real-time information PLATFORM 101 is the business data engine that has been tried, tested and proven across multiple industries and 4 Continents.

To use the V8 analogy, whether you are required to design a sports car, SUV or 4WD, PLATFORM 101 is the engine that provides stability and credibility to your solution.