What data engine do you use to power your business?

A lawnmower engine?

Powering your business with cutting edge technology?
That’s like operating a business from a spreadsheet!

or a V8?

Business demands a powerful engine to drive successful outcomes.

Time for an upgrade!

101 Business Group powers business with its flagship product PLATFORM 101.

PLATFORM 101 is the foundation for your business.

Store your data on the cloud in your own private safe.

PLATFORM 101 The World’s first business data engine.

  • A V8 engine powering your business and driving value.
  • As we face information overload we need a data engine to drive logical data retrieval and to comprehend data relationships.
  • PLATFORM 101 is built around compliance and communication.
  • Launch your business from PLATFORM 101 with confidence.

Your body. Our engine.

PLATFORM 101 is configured to suit your choice of vehicle (business requirements).

SUV or 4WD? Define the body of your choice around our V8 engine.

You define how you run your business. Your Language. Your Culture. Your Functionality.

PLATFORM 101 Powering Business. Driving Value.

PLATFORM 101 Tried. Tested. Proven.

  • PLATFORM 101 is mature.
  • Tried, tested and proven to deliver across a range of industries.
  • We design to drive Customer specific data value.
  • Our engine powers your performance, your way, whatever the industry, whatever the vehicle.

PLATFORM 101 Bigger. Tastier. Juicier.

Continual improvement results in bigger, tastier, juicier solutions.

Recipe for success:

  • World’s first business data engine.
  • Technical cumulated smarts.
  • Innovative business thinking.

101 Business Group Multi-sector cumulated smarts.

  • Our technical team has deep experience in multiple sectors.
  • Our Leadership team draws Senior Executive experience across 4 Continents for more years than we care to admit, all distilled into 101 Business Group.
  • Cumulated smarts enable our Customers to drive value in their business.